Organic Swiss Water Decaf


Organic Swiss Water Decaf



 Organic Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Peru FTO

We have spent many hours selecting our current decaffeinated coffee offering. First, we wanted a decaf that started with the highest quality specialty-grade Arabica beans.  Next, we looked for coffee that is decaffeinated without using chemical solvents in the process. Finally, we sought coffee that is balanced and interesting to any coffee drinker, regardless of caffeine preference.

Voila! We selected the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company’s Peruvian coffee.  This coffee is both Fair Trade & Organic certified. This coffee has a comforting cup profile with deep flavor with moderate acidity, with cocoa aroma and almond in the finish.  This coffee isn’t a watered down, tasteless coffee. Just the opposite. This is a great cup of coffee!

(It is also a very versatile bean, working well both as a drip coffee and as an espresso.)


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