A few pieces of advice.

The following is from a Facebook post that I put on a friend’s status. She had just rediscovered coffee after quite a while without. This was my attempt to explain a little bit about why she should try OUR coffee. The points were specific to her situation, but general enough that just about everyone can […]

What makes CRCR different? (Part 2)

Okay, so now it’s time for a little bit of info on HOW we roast, and what sets us apart from many of the other micro-roasters out there. Anyone can turn coffee brown…you could put a bunch of coffee beans in your oven at home and do it yourself, but you’re not going to get […]

What makes CRCR different? (Part 1)

One of the things that we take GREAT pride in at CRCR is that we are very particular about how, and WHAT, we roast. We use nothing but Specialty Grade, 100% Arabica beans. With the help of our importers (we are currently using three different U.S. based importers) we make certain that we find the […]

Why coffee?

Now, don’t get used to this…I’m not certain I can make this posting thing an everyday occurrence, but I thought I’d at least start things off fairly regular. I’ll just say this, I’ll be here as often as I can. Many people have asked me over the last few years “Why coffee?”, and “What made […]

Let’s get this started, shall we?

Well, here goes! My first attempt at blogging. We’ll keep this simple to get it going. With this new-fangled blog thingy, I’m going to talk about CRCR’s humble beginnings, what we’ve learned about coffee, and how we are continuing to grow in our roasting processes. Each and every day, we learn something new about coffee. […]