Now, don’t get used to this…I’m not certain I can make this posting thing an everyday occurrence, but I thought I’d at least start things off fairly regular. I’ll just say this, I’ll be here as often as I can.

Many people have asked me over the last few years “Why coffee?”, and “What made you get into this?” The answer to both questions is the same: Family.

Personally, I’ve had a love of coffee for years….and I’ve come to find that it’s genetic. My father is a caffeine fiend, and apparently it’s passed down through the bloodline. He started roasting his own beans (on a much smaller scale) to feed his habit, and brought me in to give it a try. Right off the bat, I knew I would have a blast roasting coffee. After months of talking, researching, and training with some of the most knowledgeable coffee folks in the country, we decided to start a company together, centering on that caffeinated goodness that we have found flowing through our veins….coffee!
But not just any coffee….GOOD coffee!

There was a distinct lack of quality, fresh-roasted coffee in the Southern Nevada area (by the way, we’re located in Boulder City, about 20 miles outside of Las Vegas) and we decided to take a shot at starting a business together focused on roasting the highest quality coffee beans available. But roasting them in a way that highlights the natural flavors in the coffee bean. Unlike many of the other coffee companies, we choose NOT to turn our coffee into a black oily mess.

The business has become a success, and is completely family owned and operated. I’m proud to say that I work side-by-side with both of my parents, my little sister, and we’ve even got my wife involved (she’s there to keep me in line). All of us had been moving in different directions with our work, and this helped bring us closer together. Spending time with family, building something that we can all be very proud of, making a couple of bucks doing it, AND doing what you love….what more could anyone ask for?