Welcome to the jungle! Sumatra produces 65% of all coffee exported from Indonesia. Their coffee is known world-wide for its distinct, sweet, low acidity coffees that have great depth.
A good Sumatran coffee will be sweet, with heavy, loamy body. Giving you a strong sense of the jungle from whence these unique coffees spring. In fact, the coffees have a reputation for being a bit “un-tamed”. Our Sumatran coffee is a purist’s coffee. Grown  by small holder farmers in the micro-region of Boner Meriah, where some of the most exceptional Sumatran coffees are produced. You will find the flavor and aroma consistent cup to cup, with just enough of that funky something that makes it so famous. It’s coffee carries surprising high-notes coupled with heavy-note complexity. Which makes this a real crowd-pleaser.
Region: Gayo Highlands
Elevation: 1300-1600 masl
Varietal: Timor & Bourbon
Process: semi-washed
Tasting Notes: Full body with notes of tobacco, dark chocolate, honey and light cherry.


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