Costa Rica Tres Milagros



Costa Rica Tres Milagros


Costa Rica Tres Milagros


     This coffee comes from a newly developed, joint project between ECOM and Camilo Merizalde. Camilo has a history in coffee to only produce the best that began in 1997 when he purchased Finca Santaurio, in Huila, Colombia. It has always been his goal to produce top-shelf coffees and pay special attention to detail in every step of the process. ECOM and Camilo have come together on a project named after his original farm, “The Santaurio Project. With ECOM’s varietal research and Camilo’s attention to detail, the Santaurio project turns out some of the best coffees available.

In Costa Rica, all of the Santuario production features coffees grown at a farm in Tobosi, Cartago or Dota Tarrazu. They are owned by the Facusse family with whom Camilo has been friends since his college days . Camilo and the Facusse family produced the Santaurio Project’s first harvest together. This coffee comes from the Dota Terrazu farm.

Tarrazu is a region that requires no introduction in the coffee world. Known to produce some of the best strictly high grown coffees in Costa Rica this area has great elevation, ideal climate, and essentially everything required for quality coffee production.

This coffee was processed in Santuario’s natural method. This process as with all of Santuario’s coffees begins with cherry selection based on brix (sugar content) levels of cherry. After perfect cherry selection, the coffee is taken straight to raised beds for drying and careful monitoring. At this stage Santuario also uses UV light to help reduce microbial growth, and fans in order to create ideal airflow and drying conditions. It is a 3 bean, hybrid coffee. The blend of varietal paired with the Santuario’s perfectly executed natural process create this wonderfully balanced, fruited cup.

Region: Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Elevation: 1800 masl

Varietal: F1 Starmaya Hybrid

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Peaches, cranberry, sugar cane, buttercream. Chewy body. Sweet, clean cup.

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12 Ounces, 5 Pounds


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