Costa Rica Tarrazú


Costa Rica Tarrazú


Costa Rica Tarrazú

   Finca Limonal is located in the heart of the famous region of Terrazú. Until 5 years ago, it was abandoned and in disrepair. They started renovations in 2015 and began using the Marsellesa varietal. The volcanic soils, cool climate and cold temperatures at night, allows the Marsellesa varietal to obtain a coffee with unique taste. Tarrazú coffee is known for being crisp, clean and bright. This coffee offers the classic profile, plus a lightly syrupy body and sweetness, with an elegant finish.

The Black Honey process is a drying process where part of the cherry remains on the bean and is covered while drying. The Honey name is a bit misleading because people tend to associate honey with bees or a honey-like flavor profile. Instead, the term ‘honey’ relates to the ‘mucilage’ (sticky substance) left on the coffee bean. During the honey process the producer will use a hand-roller which gives them full control of the level of mucilage left on the beans. This process is the most complex, laborious and expensive way to produce green coffee, but it results in a rich-bodied, flavorful coffee unlike any other.

Honey processed coffees are a true specialty coffee even before being expertly roasted. The green beans present sweet, fruity undertones, and a balanced acidity with depth depending on the which honey process is used. Black honey is the most complex, laborious, and expensive. This is because it takes the longest time to ferment and takes up space on the drying beds for up to twice as long compared to yellow & red honey processing.

Region: Tarrazú, Costa Rica

Elevation: 1300 masl

Varietal: Marsellesa

Process: Pulped Natural (Black Honey)

Tasting Notes: In the cup, you’ll find floral notes, apple, butter, melon, nutmeg. Bright acidity with a satiny body.