Coffee Ethics & Standards

The Coffee Roastery

Our coffee roastery is located in Boulder City, Nevada. Our town was formed as the construction camp for workers building the Hoover Dam. It has been visited by millions on their way from Arizona to Las Vegas and is often remembered as that oasis in which they arrived after traveling across the Arizona desert. The Colorado River has been a force since man arrived on this continent. It has inspired all who gaze upon its creations in the Canyons such as Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon and countless other canyons, valleys and tributaries from Wyoming to Mexico. It inspires residents near its banks to think on a grand scale. That is what we are doing in Colorado River Coffee Roasters–thinking on a scale of perfect coffee.


Guaranteed Freshness


Lot’s of things affect the ultimate flavor of a coffee. None has more impact than the degree of freshness. What is freshness, anyway? Well, for our purposes, it’s best described as the degree to which a roasted coffee continues to produce flavors in the cup that it produced within a few hours of roasting.

You see, coffee, like all agricultural products, is adversely affected by the most common environmental factors. The oxygen in air, when exposed to the coffee, oxidizes the coffee leading to increasingly bitter flavors. Likewise, overexposure to light adversely affects flavor. Finally, time-since-roasting has an effect. The chemical reactions set in motion by roasting don’t just stop when the heat is removed. Unfortunately, reactions continue over time. Ultimately, this results in loss of freshness like exposure to oxygen in the air or overexposure

So, we at Colorado River Coffee Roasters guarantee that our processes will be selected and implemented to prolong freshness from our roastery into your home. First, we don’t grind coffee. We only sell whole beans. Grinding exposes coffee to air and destroys freshness. Our packaging methods also protect freshness. We will get your coffee to you in one of three ways that will ensure that your coffee is as fresh as possible.


One way to help preserve freshness is to use coffee packaging for roasted coffee that protects the coffee from environmental factors. We have selected multi-layer bags with degassing valves to help keep oxygen from the beans. You can re-seal it each time its opened to reduce the oxidation on the surface of the beans.

The bags also have the advantage of being more compact and requiring less shelf/cupboard space.

Light is another  factor affecting coffee freshness. Like oxygen, light will accelerate the oxidation and lead to more bitter flavor. Our packaging prevents light from damaging the roasted coffee.

Shipping Methods

In regard to shipping via USPS Priority Mail, it’s amazing how economical it can be.  For only a few pennies per cup, you can have our coffee delivered to your door just after roasting.  We strongly recommend buying in quantities of 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10. Shipping is reduced by almost half if you order in these quantities.